Introducing the Collectooors

A 1 of 100 NFT collection by Index Coop that wields metagovernance power from the $JPG index


Collectooors did not wait for blue-chip NFTs to blow up on Twitter, to get shilled in Discord #intros channels, or to feature on OpenSea’s trending page before apeing in. They trusted their instincts, learned from their mistakes, and used a combination of luck and true skill to buy what would eventually be blue-chip NFTs before their floor price reached ETH beyond conceptually feasible.

Fast forward years, and years, and years ahead. Collectooors have traveled through time and space. They still hold much of what they bought at its early stage, they still enjoy the occasional wildcard purchase, and they still maintain the unique tactics that allowed them to place bets few else would make. And they have big plans to push the boundaries of NFT governance. They exist in the present to empower, invigorate, and guard the NFT community.

Collectooors are the ones who successfully pushed through to the meta layer of “collectorism.” The OGs who bought into blue-chip NFTs before the hype. A collective of like-minded individuals who care about true innovation and the beauty of technological and artistic evolution through NFTs.


Collectooors is 1 of 100 NFT collection linked to Index Coop’s JPG NFT Index, an index token that provides holders exposure to a diversified basket of blue-chip NFT collections in a single, liquid ERC-20 token. All components of the JPG Index are fully collateralized by NFTs. The NFTs underlying $JPG can be redeemed at any time, permissionlessly.

Collectooors holders will be given the opportunity to exercise voting power to curate future additions to the index & choose how to direct yield & airdrops accrued by the index. This utility offers unique power unseen in any NFT index before.

What can Collectooors holders do with Metagovernance Power?

  • Curate future additions to $JPG
  • Vote on governance proposals for underlying tokens ($uJENNY, $WHALE, etc.)
  • Direct airdrops/yield
  • Distribute the remaining 25 Collectooors NFTs in the Collectooors treasury in any way they see fit
  • Launch spin-off NFT projects. Create a DAO around Collectooors’s existence. Propose a voting delegation from one Collectooor to another. Opportunities are vast.

Both the writing and execution of the Collectooors roadmap are up to no one but Collectooors holders. We’re both curious and excited to see how the above powers are used to empower, invigorate, and guard the NFT community, just as the Collectooors themselves do to the NFT ecosystem.

Collectooor #1
Collectooor #1

Making it about the holders, individualizing the NFTs:

Each Collectooor has 8 traits, randomized in creation. Two of these traits, mood and background, may especially represent the holder of the Collectooor.

Mood: None, Chill, Grumpy, Crazy, Inspired, Appreciating

  • Appreciating: Your investment strategy is just super effective and no one understands how you do it, not even you.
  • Crazy: You have a dangerous but thus-far sustainable habit of aping into the most absurd shitcoins.
  • Grumpy: You kinda hate NFTs but collect them anyway. Classic.
  • Inspired: You geek out about utility like no other, and for that, you always buy into the most futuristic stuff.

Background: Copyscan, Foggy, Rainbows, Ship, Kitchen, Storks, Space

  • Copyscan: You’re a deep thinker, a silent one striking only when the moment is right. You gain the awe of some and the envy of others.
  • Foggy: It’s hard to get a read on you. You are mischievous, calculated though. Others may question why you do what you do until they see the end result.
  • Rainbows: A momentary hiccup in floor price doesn’t phase you. You roll with it; it’s all sunshine and rainbows to you.
  • Ship: Ah, the risk-taker, you. You’re an adventurer, looking ahead but not careful not to fall behind.
  • Kitchen: You’re always planning something, but it’s often something others might not understand. And you don’t care.
  • Storks: You’re unique, traveled. “Not like other Collectooors,” if you will. You stand out from the crowd in one way or another.
  • Space: Others’ “alpha” is your old news. You’re thinking next level, miles ahead of your peers.
Other Traits
Other Traits

Distribution Specs

No Collectooors are for sale by Index Coop, nor will they ever be.

We’ve airdropped 20 Collectooors to the Index Coop Product Team and core contributors who directly worked on $JPG. 25 went to NFT community leaders who have proven themselves to be thoughtful stewards of the NFT ecosystem. 25 remain in the Collectooors treasury. What is done with those is up to Collectooors holders.

What’s next?

You are the roadmap.

For 30 days, Index Coop is providing LP'ers with free entry into a daily Collectooor NFT airdrop raffle. For more details on how to enter the liquidity mining campaign, check out this tweet thread. Follow the Collectooors’ journey in the Index Coop Discord under the #JPG channel, on the Collectooors Twitter, and on the Collectooors OpenSea.

If you hold a Collectooor, follow this link to unlock private channels within the Index Coop Discord where you’ll join the like-minded to flesh out that roadmap and coordinate metagovernance activities. Simply connecting your wallet that holds your Collectooor to Guild will unlock the #collectooors channel in the Index Coop Discord.

gn, anon.

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